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Product Name:Soda Maker HB-1307
Glass bottle: 625ML
Contents:glass bottle&CO2 cylinder bottle
Easy Steps to Make Fresh Sparkling Water
For ideal carbonation make sure to use cold water
1.Fill your glass carbonation bottle with cold water up to the level indicated on the bottle.
2.Turn the flask level left, to the unlocked position (machine head will rise automatically) (Diagram 1).
3.Tilt glass bottle flask forward and insert glass bottle (Diragram2).
4.Return glass bottle flask to upright position, push the machine head down and turn the flask lever right, to the locked position (Diragram3).
5.Press the carbonating button in short press until you hear a buzz (Release the button between presses) (Diagram6). Three buzzes will produce a standard fizz; additional processes will produce a stronger drink. NEVER PRESS FOR MORE THAN 5 BUZZES

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